Angel Hearts Support Group

Meets First and Third Tuesdays every Month at 5:30 p.m. at Sheriff's Office.

The death of a loved one is never easy however the death of a child is extremely difficult to deal with. When a child is murdered, the anger, frustration, pain and grief are intensified by the realization that another person intentionally took the life of an an innoncent child. The family's trauma is worsened by many of the necessary intrusions into their grief to obtain evidence and testimony by the Police and judicial system. The media will often focus upon the victim without consent from the family.

When a suspect is apprehended, preliminary hearings, postponements, trials and sentencing all force grieving families to face what may seem to be a lack of justice. In situations where the murder is unsolved or justice is otherwise compromised, there is even greater pain and confusion as there is no closure. When these situations occur in the CSRA, the Angel Hearts Support Group steps in to help. This group, initiated and hosted by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, was formed by one of the department's own, Sheriff Roundtree’s Executive Assistant Von Daniels. Von’s 21-yer-old son, Corey D. Joseph, was murdered in Augusta in 2007. Participation is open to those parents who have been bereaved by the murder of their child. Professionals who are in frequent contact with grieving families are also welcome to join.

“I had a good support group but looking back, it would have been so helpful for me to have met with others who had experienced the difficulties I was going through at the time and thanks to Sheriff Roundtree, I am now able to facilitate this group for those in need,” said Ms. Daniels.

The group provides ongoing emotional support and coping mechanisms needed to help parents deal with the pain of their loss.  According to Sheriff Roundtree, members of the Sheriff’s Office provide information on the criminal justice system as they pertain to survivors of a homicide victim and assist in any way possible. The group meetst at the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, 400 Walton Way. For additional information, to join the meetings, or to provide assistance to the group, contact Von Daniels at 706-261-0439 or

Meetings begin with introductions and each survivor discussing the loss of his or her child. Topic discussions include information such as the grief process, the criminal justice system, children and gangs, coping mechanisms, and other areas for support. Meetings revolve around the members personal experiences as well as outside speakers providing valuable information.

Mission Statement: Angel Hearts Support Group exists to provide grief support, compassion, and assistance to parents that have suffered the loss of a child or children due to a violent crime.

Vision Statement: Provide support for parents who have been affected by the death of their child due to violent crime. Through this support we will let parents know they are not alone in their grieving and that they have others to assist with their needs. Our future goals include making a positive difference through on-going emotional support, education, prevention, advocacy, and awareness of violent crimes relating to our youth.