Crime Suppression

The Crime Suppression Team is assigned to the Special Operations Division. The individuals selected for both of these units are highly motivated and have demonstrated a proactive approach to preventing crime. Members of the Crime Suppression Team are hand-picked based on their experience, education, and training. Although it is considered a privilege to be assigned to the team, it is also very demanding and requires great devotion to duty.

The Crime Suppression Team is tasked with addressing a multitude of issues and these Deputies utilize nontraditional patrol techniques in their attempt to deter criminal activity which results in an improved quality of life for citizens and visitors throughout the County. Whether it be targeted patrol details, by conducting covert surveillance related to criminal activity, completing field interview cards on suspicious persons, executing search warrants, serving high risk arrest warrants, or by seeking out and arresting individuals who violate state and local laws. When not being used on special intervention requests, these deputies are assigned to known high crime areas, with the primary focus on street-level drug activity.

Members of the team use community policing as a means to better understand the needs of the residents and create an information exchange corridor. These deputies generally drive marked and unmarked patrol cars and are deployed in areas where our crime analysis process has identified a crime trend. They investigate the problem, attempt to identify and arrest perpetrators, and prevent further criminal activity. In addition, they apprehend wanted individuals and provide other services directly related to the prevention of crime and the apprehension of violators. The Team works hand in hand with the Criminal Investigation Division and the Narcotics Division.

Members are assigned to details at a moment's notice; frequently they are asked to miss their assigned off-days in order to complete an assignment.