Records Bureau

The Records Bureau is responsible for maintaining accurate records on all arrest booking reports, civil service documents, incident reports and sfupplemental reports. The staff is responsible for entering data into the in-house computer system and for maintaining copies of all traffic citations. The Records Bureau assists with reports, checking criminal records and giving other assistance as requested. This bureau works with esidents, courts, attorneys, prosecutors and local businesses.

Statistical data relating to crime activity is maintained by this bureau and disseminated to the public, media and other agencies. The Records Bureau is also responsible for the operation of the Georgia Crime Information Center/National Crime Information Center (GCIC/NCIC) terminals and for the validation of the information entered. Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics are compiled by staff and submitted monthly to GCIC. Personnel in this Section also provide criminal background checks to residets of our county when necessary for employment, travel, adoption, etc.

The Records Bureau is open to the public to complete requests from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. We encourage resdents to call the Records Bureau at 706-821-1010 to ensure the requested documentation is available for dissemination.

The following forms can be downloaded, printed and completed in advance:

Personal Criminal Records Checks

The consent for Personal Criminal Records Check can be completed in advance by downloading and completing the form and returning it to the Records Bureau during normal hours of operation. The Records Bureau processes Personal Criminal Records Checks for the public through the state of Georgia only. Personal Criminal Records Checks can be completed for the following reasons:

  • Employment (Requestor must select whether the employment will be for: general employment, working with children, working with the elderly, or working with the mentally ill
  • Government Housing
  • Personal Copy (for inspection purposes only)
  • Record Restriction Application processing
  • Shelter Clearance (processed during regular business hours. Download Form)

All requests for Personal Criminal Records Checks require the following:

  • $10.00 cash
  • Government Issued Photo Identification Card
  • Secondary Form of Identification (Social Security Card, Additional Government Issued ID, Birth Certificate, Passport, etc.)

Incident/Accident Reports

The Records Bureau recognizes and adheres to the release of public records governed by Georgia Law OCGA 50-18-72. Incident Reports and incident related information are made available for release to authorized parties.

To obtain a copy of your report, please contact the Records Bureau during normal business hours. You will need to provide a case number and other identifying information, and you must be a named, involved party to the case or an authorized representative named in the report, involved party to the case in order to request and receive a copy of the report.

If the report you are seeking is determined to be available for release, and you are not a named party in the report, you will need to fill out a Statement of Need Form and provide a valid government photo identification. A minimum fee of 25 cents per page will apply.

  • Sensitive information is redacted as required by law. This will include but is not limited to:
  • Month/Day of Birth
  • Unpublished phone numbers
  • Operator’s License Number
  • Juvenile information
  • Account numbers

In the event a report is determined to be exempt from public release, it can only be released pursuant to a court order. Please contact our Public Information Office at with required documentation to initiate your request. Depending on the type of report, approval may be required from the investigating deputy or detective.

Claim Check Release for Vehicles

When picking up Vehicle Release documentation please ensure all required documentation:

  • Driver’s License
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) will be run to ensure the vehicle has current registration and insurance.The registration must match the photo identification of the owner attempting to retrieve said vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is not insured, the owner will need to make arrangements with the towing company to have the vehicle towed to their desired location.