Corporal Tim Rzasa,

On March 4, 2018, Deputy Travis Clark responded to an apartment on Essie McIntyre Blvd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, Deputy Clark found the subject inside the residence with his son and daughter. The mother of his children was at the scene to retrieve the children.  Deputy Clark noted that the subject was acting erratic. Corporal Rzasa arrived on scene and was able to determine that the subject had no legitimization paperwork for the children. After learning this, the subject became agitated and stated that he was going to come out and kill everyone. Corporal Rzasa called for additional units, Deputies Alexander Morgan, Joseph Csria, and Elvin Thompson arrived quickly on the scene. The subject then threatened to kill his son and stated, "Everyone is going to die in here tonight."  Deputies could hear through the door the son screaming that he did not want to die and then screamed, "Daddy, NO!" Deputies entered the apartment, where the subject was found lying on his back with his arm around the neck of his son. Deputy Clark had to drive stun the subject with his Taser while other deputies attempted to free the child. The subject then began to physically fight and resist the deputies before being handcuff.