On 050214 at 0105 hours Deputy George Edenfield initiated a traffic stop on silver Honda Civic on the 1300 block of Jones Street. The vehicle fled from the scene and traveled west on the eastbound side of Riverwatch Parkway until it crashed into the guardrail. The driver was able to flee from the vehicle in an unknown direction before Deputy Edenfield was able to observe him. He notified dispatch and multiple units responded to the area in order to assist in locating the subject. Approximately twenty minutes later Deputy Brent Espinosa spotted the vehicle on Waters Edge Drive. The suspect ran down the hill towards the canal. He then jumped into the water and began to swim away from deputies. Deputies Jacob Dorn, Tyler Marzofka, Ryan Jones, Richard Justice, and Mark Phillips all entered the water in order to attempt to capture the fleeing suspect. The subject was able to make his way to the river before the deputies could catch up to him. Deputies Dorn and Marzofka were able to locate and commandeer a small boat and followed the suspect into the Savannah River towards North Augusta, S.C. They were able to overtake the suspect, and placing themselves at great risk, were able to take the subject into custody, place him into the boat, and transport him back to the Georgia side of the river. At that time Sgt. Adams and the other deputies helped remove the suspect from the boat, into a patrol car. The vehicle turned out to be stolen and the suspect was charged with numerous traffic charges.