Deputy Jason McCall

On September 20, 2018, Deputy McCall along with Deputy Morgan was dispatched to 1014 Adrian Street, Apartment B in reference to an attempted suicide. Upon arrival, the two deputies observed an unresponsive female lying on the ground with a male sitting on the left side of her. Both deputies observed the female was not breathing and a male attempting to give her CPR. Deputy McCall also observed the female subject’s face turning blue.  Deputy McCall then began giving chest compressions. Deputies advised the male to give the unresponsive female 2 breaths after each 30 chest compressions administered.  The female began breathing after 4 cycles of chest compressions and breaths. The subject became stable enough to sit up as a Gold Cross supervisor checked her vitals. The subject was transported to University Hospital’s Emergency room by South Star Med 14. A life was saved as a result of Deputy McCall and Deputy Morgan promptly responding to render aid to the unresponsive female.